The Tree / 樹

The Tree / 樹

プロジェクトシリーズ: 3D路上アート

2011年 8月26日〜2011年 9月4日

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Last Month (Aug. 2011) I was invited to join one of the largest cultural Events of Scandinavia, the Aarhus Festuge. Not only the Slogan 'Beautiful Mistakes' was reasonable to accept the invitation spontaneously. I've never been to Denmark and had the urge to create a new painting at your Festival. I was confident this was going to be a good project and I couldn´t wait to start painting there.

The nordic weather is as it is, always changing and unpredictable.
Understandable, the local weather forecast wasn't accurate enough and we lost at least two days that were scheduled and needed for painting. On the one hand this is very frustrating - I really want to focus on my project and continue painting without any disturbances, but the rain kept eating away our energy and time. On the other hand I do love the rapid change of weather. This challenge wasn't an everyday routine but nevertheless it seemed feasible for us to work with the elements and complete the project on time and as planned.

The audience was great. We met and appreciated many of you and even made new friends. This made it easier for us to go with the flow of things, trust each weather forecast and go for day and night shifts to guarantee that the painting will be finished.




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