3D Street Art

3D Streetart Vulkaneifel in the Forum Mittelrhein

3D Street Art Vulkaneifel

Hello Mr. Müller,

would you like to paint a 3D street painting at our Forum Mittelrhein in Koblenz? The theme would be “Vulkaneifel”. The architecture of the forum is based on this theme, so it would fit wonderfully.
What do you say?

Yours sincerely, the management


Those who know me, know that I love to paint lava. I can’t say no to that topic. The earth is a dynamic planet. Without plate tectonics, ice ages, Floods and comets that hit with unimaginable force, we humans would not exist.
We simply would not exist. So I see the threats from the Earth’s changing climate from at least two sides.

As in real life, what happens at that moment is the most important thing. Everything else is predictions of what might come.
Our assessment of each situation happens from second to second. The evaluation is based on experience, knowledge, instinct and also our cultural background. The famous half-empty glass can be just as full tomorrow but just half full.

What happens to you in life is no accident. Nor are you at the mercy of the supposedly inevitable law of cause and effect. Not everything is predetermined.
After all, in most cases, you decide how you react. Your reaction steers the steering wheel on the way to your future. You drive! Even though an accident can happen, most of the time on this trip you are in the driver’s seat.

My pictures are mostly depictions of deep abysses and / or apocalyptic scenes that actually frighten.
But when I look at the photos people take of my images like this, I see just the opposite. There is playing in the picture, jumping, doing handstands or just standing candles straight.
Someone holds his dog over the precipice and pretends to drop it. Laughter breaks out among the passers-by. What a funny scene!

Now I paint from 07.09.2023 to 18.09.2023 a basalt canyon that ends in a lava eruption covered with water. The digital design I have created, as always with the 3D software “Blender”.
Of course, the painted image will look a little different, but it will be very close to the design. Later, people can stand on the edge and look into the abyss.


Digital design 3D street art


Volcano Eifel 3D image second day
3d Street Art at Forum Mittelrhein Koblenz - fourth day
3d Street Art at Forum Mittelrhein Koblenz - fifth day
3d image bird's eye view
3D image Volcanic Eifel in the making
Top view of a three-dimensional image
3D Street Art