Three dimensional painted shark breaks out of the ground


3D Street Art for your event


So 3D street painting for your event, festival or function can be realized without any problems.


Nobody can ignore a 3D street scene. A selfie in the middle of the perfect illusion is often shared. Not only children enjoy watching me at work. Curious glances wander over the picture and land on my hands, which are just adding another detail to the picture.


How does he do it that it looks so real? I’m happy to answer any viewer questions. I prefer to paint on site. The creation of a 3D image makes many curious. But painting a 3D street painting takes time.


Public spaces cost money for a special use permit. For an event, a place is only rented for a short time or the company party takes place somewhere else. That’s why the best solution is often to paint the 3D picture in my studio beforehand.


A painting ground made of PVC allows easy transport.
Usually it’s a few rolls that are two meters long and weigh around 25 kg, so nothing that places special demands on a transport company or courier. Since the installation is literally child’s play, almost anyone can do it. This means there are no travel and hotel costs.


Would you like to realize 3D street painting at your event and present your guests with a real eye-catcher? I’d be happy to make you an offer.

Please send me a message.