Plato's cave illusion painting at the clinic in Vielbach
Blue lagoon in Moscow when the forest fires raged
Corona 3d image on the theme of transformation
3D image in the tufa open pit mine Mendig
Girl can walk in the air
Will you marry me? Painted 3D image
Plato's cave painted in 3D
3D street painting - underground cave with lake
The waterfall in Moose Jaw - Canada
The lava flow flows all over the road
Building bridges at the Rhineland Palatinate Day in Bad Ems 2023
The tree of life

3D Street Art

I’ve been a street painter for over thirty years and a pioneer of 3D street painting. I painted my first 3D street picture in Canada in 2007. Back then there were only a handful of 3D street artists. What fun! I travel to other countries and paint my pictures.


This is the stuff sweet dreams are made of… I travel the world and the seven seas. Everyone is looking for something…
[ Eurythmics – Sweet Dreams ]


I’m definitely looking for a response from my audience. Only then is painting really fun. Look at my fingers, yes! Bitch around or leave a compliment. My image grows with every saying or even the most shy look.


All my paintings are gone – weathered by rain or snow, burned by the sun. As a street painter from the very beginning, I quickly learned to deal with the transience of my pictures. Nothing in life lasts forever so enjoy the moment.


It’s good that I always took photos of my 3D street painting. I show my favorite projects here.