3D Street Art

The cave in London

Earlier this year, a minor earthquake revealed a mysterious cave in London.
Initial research by scientists has shown that the cave is over 10 million years old, but should not exist in this place.
Aside from its unusual geographical location, “The Cave in London” holds a secret.

A green light shines from the depth of the lake in the cave.
Researchers are working hard to find out the cause of the mysterious glow. Contrary to the original assumption, the lake is not fed by the Thames water
but has existed embedded in the cave for millions of years. The breach caused by the earthquake now allows the water of the Thames to mix with the lake.
As a result, the green glow becomes fainter from day to day.


3D street painting - underground cave with lake


It is still unclear what energy source is causing the glow. Some scientists believe that an unknown species of algae is the cause. Other theories start from minerals, it could also be a chemical compound or a mixture of chemical compounds. It is not yet clear.

The investigation is proving extremely difficult. As soon as the water from the cave lake comes into contact with material other than the rocks of the cave, it loses its glow and turns into normal water.

According to unconfirmed reports, one of the scientists came into contact with the mysterious water, despite the highest safety regulations, and has been feeling better physically and mentally ever since.
However, official press statements do not substantiate this.

Is this cave a kind of fountain of youth? Of course, that would be nothing less than a historical sensation. The hopes are as high as only a human dream can be: In this case, it is about the hope that a cure for degenerative diseases in old age can be found.

3D Street Art