The start in Dun Laoghaire

The first strokes are set

On the first day already rain. Not much, but it’s enough that I can’t paint, as you can easily see. So the project starts with a forced pause. The problem is, I’m so looking forward to the picture that there’s no thought of sightseeing or strolling at all.

All beginnings are difficult. that already starts with the adhesive tape. It doesn’t hold well on the concrete floor, there are too many pebbles mixed in. Then the color will not hold as well.
In between, the power generator arrives. I am warned about the weather, which changes very quickly here on the Irish coast. So far it was only a small shower at the beginning and the sun is shining again.



The place is all wet. I can not paint for a long time The surface to be painted is still completely wet

The tape does not hold well on the floor.
The making of my 3D painting in Dun Laoghaire