3D street art for your event

3D Street Painting is the perfect photo option for a selfie to share on social media. The 3D images are usually so big and eye-catching, everyone likes to take a picture.
Enrich your company party, present yourself at a trade fair or advertise in public places with a 3D street painting.

3D street painting works only from a certain point. And it is usually located in the front center and about two meters away from the image. This form of illusion painting works with distortion. The further away an object is from the viewer, the more distorted it is painted.
This looks very attractive and attracts passers-by to the actual viewing point. Often this is also called a hotspot.

If you are thinking about booking 3D street art for your event, you should keep in mind that such a 3D image needs a 3D image. I explain why in an article that I usually use at workshops in schools.
How big does a 3D streetscape need to be

Generally, a size of at least three by six meters, that is, width times height, is necessary to achieve the perfect illusion. The bigger, the better the 3D effect. I say honestly, the 3D effect is not visible to the naked eye or only for trained professionals. But a photo from the right point then shows the 3D illusion very clearly. Often a murmur goes through the group when a photo has just been taken, so surprising is the effect.

I am also happy to provide the design for a 3D image. Not every motif is feasible. For my design work I use the most modern digital technology. As operating system I work on Linux and use there the 3D software Blender, which allows everything, but really everything.
I can perfectly set the exact position of the camera, the ideal size of the image and even the subject from just one photo. the result is an image that presents the environment on the spot with the 3D street scene. You don’t have to use your imagination to interpret a pencil sketch. What you see is what you get, as the experts say.

So you can see the effect of the 3D effect before the first brush stroke has even been made. As you can see, I can also show you how the picture will look from above, or gladly from the side. I leave nothing to chance or make rough estimates.

Now it is at events, especially at trade fairs, that on the one hand the space often costs a lot of money for the rent, and on the other hand there is simply not enough time to paint the 3D image on site. The painting process is certainly interesting for everyone, but is that always the Ṕriority at an event? As long as painting is in progress, no photos can be taken, or the illusion is not yet perfectly painted.
Fortunately, there is the possibility to paint such a 3D street scene in the studio beforehand and then simply send it to the customer. We’re talking about a couple of two-meter rolls that weigh a maximum of 25kg each. Shopping at the hardware store is often more challenging than transporting a picture like this.

So a 3D image comes in two-meter wide sheets, which are then laid out butt to butt. Some double-sided tape fixes the whole thing. Basically, the installation is literally child’s play. Anyone who does not have two left hands can do this.

Such a 3D image is waterproof. So it can even be wiped down if it doesn’t look so clean after prolonged use. After all, people walk around on it to have photos taken of themselves.

My concern, as with my art, is to be honest and transparent. I also don’t gloss over anything just to get the job. I want to deliver one hundred percent clean work for myself and the customer. If it doesn’t work, it just doesn’t work. No matter what others claim. I will be happy to advise you if you are planning 3D street painting for your event. There are a few things to keep in mind. I am one of the pioneers of 3D street painting and nothing can surprise me anymore. I know the area very well and can advise you optimally if you want to present a 3D image at your event.

Feel free to fill out my contact form and we can discuss how a 3D street art can be implemented for your event.


Hole in the floor with checkerboard pattern in a shopping arcade
Commissioned work for Netflix
Three dimensional painted shark breaks out of the ground
Commissioned work for the Austrian Tourist Board
Interactive oversized paint bucket in magenta for German Telekom
Illusion painting for Champiogns League Paris
Painted whale in blue lagoon - Tourism Association Mexico
Street scene in 3d for Alice Cooper
Smart for Four in 3D
painted telecom cube for PR action of german telecom
BMW painted in 3D breaking out of the ground
A blue lagoon at Berlin Central Station