3D Street Art

The Lava Stream

I really wanted to paint lava and preferably over a whole street. Gerd Lange, former director of the international festival of street painters in Geldern, enabled me to paint my third large-scale 3D street painting on the Gelderner Straße. Here, too, we had to deal with rain. However, not as extreme as in Dun Laoghaire.

We, these were volunteers who wanted to do this. Just painting 400m² of surface is a challenge in itself. But the team was great. Even the rain could not harm the picture much. For me, the red of the lava could not be red enough. So I mixed some more very bright red pigments into the acrylic paint. If in some photos the red seems extreme, it was.


The lava flow flows all over the road


Why lava? Lava destroys entire areas. But it also creates fertile ground for new things. Without lava, we would not be here, life would not have arisen. Inside the Earth, lava is called magma and is partly responsible for the plate tectonics that drives our crust. Without this rythm of constant change the emergence of higher developed life is also unthinkable.

3D Street Art