The lava flow – anamorphosis

The lava flow flows all over the road

Things are going well. I can’t wait to finally paint the lava.
However, the dimensions of the 3D painting are overwhelming. I paint several square meters and in the photo you can hardly see any change. The farther I am from the camera point, the more area has to be painted to see any progress at all.

Anamorphosis example
That’s because of the technique I use. In anamorphosis, or more precisely length anamorphosis, images are stretched very much. The further I am from the point of view, the longer objects have to be painted. A circle, for example, becomes an elongated ellipse. Or as you can see below in the comparison of the two photos, the image from the side is drawn much longer than it then appears in the photo from the right point.


Linear anamorphosis image seen from the side Linear anamorphosis image seen from the right point