3D Street Art

The lava gorge in Moscow

Why a lava gorge in Gorky Park in Moscow? Relations in Russian and German politics are often described as complicated. The Goethe-Institut is part of Germany’s efforts to bridge this chasm.

I was happy to accept an invitation from the Goethe-Institut in Moscow to paint a lava gorge in the middle of Moscow’s Gorky Park. From my point of view, this gorge does not exist. It is an illusion, built by media, prejudice and cultural norms.

My painted canyon is obviously an illusion that you can also play with and take fun photos. Muscovites are special. I was pleasantly surprised how they reacted to my picture. I remembered Japan, where I experienced similar reactions – pure enthusiasm and unrestrained joy of playing!


Will you marry me? Painted 3D image
3D Street Art