3D Street Art

The Rock

“Can you go with me to Weibern and get a ton of tuff at the mine?” I like to help a friend and then I am more than surprised what I discover there. We drive into the pit and see a very noticeable rock in the middle. The tuff in this pit was mined around this rock for decades and now it stands there like a monument.

A look from my passenger speaks volumes. You think it’s great, don’t you, she asks me. You bet I think it’s great! Immediately I get the idea to paint a 3D painting here.

Tuff is the ash from volcanic eruptions compacted over thousands of years. And those who know me, know that I love to paint lava. I could extend the rock downward, into the depths, born of lava. Contact is quickly made with the mine operator and – I can hardly believe it – my idea is accepted. But for safety reasons and in order not to disrupt the operation of the mine, the project can only take place during the winter break. Many thanks to the company Tufftagebau Ursula for the courage to undertake such a project and the kind support.

When the deadline finally approaches, I rent a caravan. A good friend and colleague, Udo Lindentahl (now sadly deceased), helps me with this wintry action. We plan on weeks because the cold and snow will stop us in our tracks.
Camping in winter is one of those things. Anyone who has ever done this knows what I’m talking about. Who has the damage defies description. Nothing happened to us, but it was a very extreme experience.


3D image in the tufa open pit mine Mendig
3D Street Art