Edgar Müller - METAnamorph
The making of my 3D painting in Dun Laoghaire

Love & Fear,

the opposing forces

from which

we shape our reality.

Plato's cave illusion painting at the clinic in Vielbach
Blue lagoon in Moscow when the forest fires raged
Corona 3d image on the theme of transformation
3D image in the tufa open pit mine Mendig
Girl can walk in the air
Will you marry me? Painted 3D image
Plato's cave painted in 3D
3D street painting - underground cave with lake
The waterfall in Moose Jaw - Canada
The lava flow flows all over the road
Building bridges at the Rhineland Palatinate Day in Bad Ems 2023
The tree of life

3D Street Art

I have been a street painter for over thirty years and a pioneer of 3D street art. I painted my first 3D street painting in Canada in 2007. At that time there were only a handful of 3D street artists. What fun! I travel the world and paint large format street paintings in other countries.


A shallow image on the ground becomes a deep gorge or a raging waterfall as soon as you photograph it from the right point. That’s how easy it is to trick perception. As an artist, I naturally seek the attention of the viewer. The three-dimensional effect of my images challenges our brain. What’s going on, it wonders. After all, that’s a flat picture painted on the floor. How can it be that I see a waterfall there. This is due to the data processing of the brain itself. It collects fractions of the sensory impressions – mainly those of the eyes and constructs an image of the environment from these. In doing so, it relies on empirical values that I, as an artist, use to fool the viewer into thinking that there is a deep chasm ahead. In my 3D street painting I use perspective laws that our brain accepts as set in stone. What you see is what you get.


Contrary to the cliché that street painters just paint a picture somewhere on their own, we are usually booked for various events. Sometimes, however, a place excites me so much that I then finance everything myself and paint a 3D image even in winter in an open-cast tufa mine.


Then as now, 3D street art fascinates young and old. The illusion on the floor is a challenge for the brain.
A collection of photos favorite projects of 3D street art you can find here.

3D Streetart Vulkaneifel in the Forum Mittelrhein

Plato’s Cave

The Lava Stream

The cave in London

The Crevasse

The waterfall

A blue lagoon at Berlin Central Station


3D street art for your event.

You want to commission 3D street art for your event, festival or function?


Nobody passes by a 3D street painting. A selfie in the middle of the perfect illusion is gladly shared. Children are not the only ones who enjoy watching me work. Curious glances wander over the picture and land on my hands, which are just adding another detail to the picture.


How does he do it to make it look so real? I will be happy to answer any questions the audience may have. My favorite thing to do is paint on location. The creation of a 3D image makes many curious. But painting a 3D street painting takes time.


Public spaces cost money for a special use permit. For an event, a place is rented only for a short time or the company party is held elsewhere. That’s why often the best solution is to paint the 3D image in my studio beforehand.


A PVC painting base allows for easy transportation. Mostly it’s a few rolls, two meters long and weighing about 25 kg, so nothing that makes special demands on a transport company or courier. Since the installation is literally child’s play, almost anyone can do it. This also eliminates the costs for travel and hotel.

Here are some examples of commissioned 3D street art.


You would like to realize 3D street art at your event and present a real eye-catcher to your guests? I will be happy to make you an offer.

Why don’t you send me a message?

3D street art for your event

Diver’s Paradise Mexico

3D checkerboard pattern

The white shark

Champions league Paris



My blog about 3D street painting / 3D street art. Here I collect impressions, experiences from my projects, as well as thoughts about my art.
When I paint a 3D street scene, a lot of things can happen. Not only rain is part of it, but also everything that happens around it.


What is the nature of the soil? Is there anything special to report from the place where I paint? What thoughts come to me when I paint?

My 3D painting for the Rheinlandpfalz-Tag

Lava – with luminous colors

The lava flow – anamorphosis

The lava flow flows all over the road

The lava flow – first day

Things are going well

The start in Dun Laoghaire

The first strokes are set


A good friend visiting


The most frequently asked questions about 3D street art

When I paint somewhere, I get asked a lot of questions. This is not surprising – since 3D street art is still quite new and many see such a three-dimensional image for the first time.

What if it rains? Can you make a living from it? How do you do that with the 3D effect? So many questions that I like to answer here.

3d street art?

Is street painting a profession?

How does 3D street art work?

How long does a 3D image last?

How much color do you need for a 3D image?

Is street painting allowed everywhere?


Tutorial 3D Street Art Part I

How big does a 3D street painting need to be

How big does a 3D image need to be?